Sunday, 14 October 2012

He wasn't lying when he said they were indeed made for the bedroom

Perfect first blog back, informing you of my recent, beautiful slurge. What girl doesn't want a pair of Louboutins? And I'm extremely happy that I was able to save up and treat myself. It has never felt so good handing over such a considerable amount of money... until I put them on!
Christian wasn't lying when he said he made these shoes for the bedroom. They pinch and squeeze your feet into the most ridiculously tiny space and unless you plan on drinking through the pain, then make sure you take some flats with you just in case.

However, last weekend when I was out in London, I over heard two girls in the toilet talking about the same issue. They were both wearing a pair and could hardly walk (it was coming to the end of the night) One girl said she'd been told to wear the shoes to bed one night. And by bed I mean literally sleep in them. Apparently, once you fall asleep you won't feel it and its a perfect 7 - 8 hour stretching period of any new pair. Definitely worth a go.

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