Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sundays are for relaxing

Lovely, relaxing sunday morning.
90 minute bikram yoga session followed by poached eggs
and smoked salmon.
I want my pre ibiza bod back!
What did you do with your sunday morning?

Soap & Glory - glorious products

Wonderful collection of soap & glory birthday presents from the boyfriend's
brother and girlfriend
The fab pore facial peel
Nice sized pot at 50g, this facial peel is one of the best I've tried.  It contains little beads which scrub away at the old layer of skin, revealing a fresh one. This peel allows you the choice of leaving on for 5 or so minutes, or 15 minutes for a deeper cleanse. Your skin does indeed feel smooth and refreshed once you have washed away the paste.
Glow Job daily radiance moisture lotion
Another good sized bottle at 75ml, this face lotion is perfect for those out there who aren't kean on stepping outside of the house with absolutely nothing on their face. Admitedly I have got better with age. I can happily go out without mascara but do like a bit of coverage on my face and I am certainly known for my love of a tanned complexsion. This lotion has tiny little beads within it. As you rub the lotion into your skin, the tiny beads pop and release a small deposit of tanning fluid which, whilst continuing to rub into your face, give you a slightly glowing complexsion, without the heaviness of foundation or bronzer. Certainly good for the summer months where less make up is worn but definitely a perfect moisturising base in the winter months.
Mighty Mouth glossy balm
Referred to as 'glossy balm', but I'd call it a lipgloss. Certainly has a plumping effect, or at least plumping appearance even if not stated. A perfect shade of rose pink, which I'm certain would suit girls of all complexsions and colourings. Not too glossy and not to thick. A great lip gloss (balm)
Extremely happy they bought me these. I've never really bought any Soap & Glory products but definitely will now be investing in various other items in the range as I am certainly impressed with the quality and outcome of these products. All soap & glory products are moderately priced between £5 - £15, and they prove that you don't need to spend pounds and pounds on higher end products to achieve higher end results.
Have you used any other Soap & Glory products that you would reccomend?